May 17, 2009

Training Jake...........

So...I had this adorable one year old Potcake staying with me for training for a week. He had absolutely no impulse control or manners and he was pretty much airborne or munching on some piece of furniture or forbidden object if left unsupervised. His owner, a very sweet but overwhelmed guy named Peter, informed me that Jake had eaten his way through thousands of $ worth of furniture and clothing and he was at his wits end when he called me and asked me to please take Jake for training at my house. I warned him that me taking him would not make him a different dog or change his personality but I could kick-start his manners training and get him enough exercise and supervision so he would learn new rules and structure. I stressed that once Jake returned home he would return to his bad, old ways unless he was properly exercised, trained and was given appropriate chew items to work on. Jake was a love. I loved having him with us and he learned SO much and never got in trouble while he was here. He's Jake learning to be polite and wait at doorways until he's being released with the cue: OK".

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