May 17, 2009

More Jake training - after less than a week of training

Here's some more footage of my training with Jake, the supposedly "untrainable" (the exhausted owner's description) Potcake. This is day four of working with Jake and this video shows how well Jake learned Sit, Down (he had a very hard time with Down as the video shows,) Stay, Leave It (Chicken thrown right in front of him), and Drop It. The first few days I had him, he would grab onto any toy or item presented to him and then run off with it and hide. He wasn't guarding the objects -in other words - he wasn't aggressive when I tried to get it from him - he just had no motivation to give it up and wouldn't share. I worked for a few days on teaching him polite exchanges and Jake eventually understood that giving up an object was no big deal; in fact he might even get both a treat and then get to play with his toy again. You can see in this footage how well and how willingly he gave up the very same toy I couldn't get from him on day one. I'm really proud of Jake and of how much he learned in just one week. I think most dog owners would be surprised to see just how quickly their dog's behavior could change. 

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  1. We have a 7 year old german shepherd/chow who we rescued from the pound 2 years ago. We trained her to become my medical service animal, with Rikke's help. Rikke not only trains the dog, but the people as well, as one learns how the dog does. She has a special connection with dogs and communicates quickly and efficintly to teach them the basics and beyond (such as boarding and riding in a real airplane from NYC to SFO)! We will always have a special place in our hears for Rikke, the Dog Nanny!