Dec 18, 2012

Cutie Puppy Gracie

Gracie, a young pointer mix puppy, has gotten so excited about clicker training and Shaping Games that she keeps offering fun behaviors that can easily be turned into great tricks and useful behaviors. Today, she offered a few steps of walking backwards and we quickly turned it into Moonwalking the entire length of the room. Luckily her family is awesome and completely onboard with teaching Gracie fun stuff in between her basic manners so we are all having a lot of fun working with Gracie. Here, she is learning that what she is doing is called Moonwalking and that taking more steps in a row could get her more treats. I adore this puppy!!

Dec 16, 2012

Lucy leans Go Lie Down

Lucy, my adorable client with the most amazing eye lashes has learned to go to a specific place on the couch when she hears the cue Go Lie Down. Her owners are now able to sit quietly and eat, uninterrupted, or they can pay for a food delivery or sign for a package without it being a combat sport to try to keep Lucy away from the door. Lucy is a quick study. She loves the training we've done with her and she happily complies now that she understands what's expected of her. Everyone is happy.