Sep 13, 2009

A word on Owner Compliance...

Yes I am a dog trainer, and I both teach dogs new behaviors and sometimes I teach them to feel differently about something or someone. BUT, while I can probably get dogs to jump through hoops in a relatively short amount of time I cannot promise your dog will do it forever or continue to do so without YOU, the owner. The success of the work we do together is very much up to you as well, and about how consistent you are when the training sessions are done. Unless you put an effort into the work, and unless you're willing to practice and work with your dog even when I'm not there it's not going to be as effective as if you do. My goal in working with you and your dog is to teach YOU to interact and succeed in communicating with your dog. I often get calls from dog owners who ask me to take their dog for a week or two or however long it will take me to train their dog, but unless the owner is willing to also work with the dog it doesn't make a lot of sense. If they need to get training jump started and the owner needs to feel encouraged and see progress I'm happy to do it but I ask for a commitment from the owner as well so we can do a few sessions together and so I can teach the owner what's going on with their dog.
Having said that, I understand that it can seem overwhelming when your dog is not complying or doesn't seem to listen to you so I'm always careful to tailor the training and home work to the client's schedule so it's realistic for everyone. This is supposed to be FUN!!!

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