Mar 24, 2009

So happy to be more available.....

I'm really excited to be working more in Brooklyn and in my own community, although I'm still taking appointments in Manhattan as well. I'm so Mom-and-Pop oriented and I really enjoy having a little more time to work with each client and to connect with both people and dogs as opposed to be on the clock the way I was when I worked in a more corporate environment.

So a few days ago I did a Meet and Greet in a local pet store an it was great that so many people came down with their dogs and asked great questions. My favorite might have been a guy who asked me to recommend a dog toy that most resembled a pair of eye glasses!! Huh?? He figured that since his dog had eaten two pairs of his glasses that were left out on a table, he should just get dog toys that looked like glasses. No no no, the point of dog toys is to avoid having your beloved possessions eaten by your dog. You don't nee to wait to see what kind of furnishings or objects your dog seems to destroy the most and then buy items that look like the forbidden objects! The idea is to provide your dog enough stimulations and interactive toys that are much more interesting to your dog than a pair of old glasses.......or your couch so it doesn't happen in the first place! I suggested a few appropriate toys and gave the poor guy some ideas and I hope he doesn't have to have any other prized possessions eaten.
That was a good one..........

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